Employ me!


Since I retired from my full-time job I have spent much of my time designing websites. My sites are not professionally presented (I have no formal qualifications) but I like to think they are neat, tidy and serve the purpose for which they were designed ie:- to provide clear & relevent information to anyone who has an internet connection. I can purchase the domain name of your choice (the bit you type in your browser [after the http://www.]) This is called the url. I will design and maintain the site, host it on my commercial server and give you any advice and support on the way.

I am self employed and charge very little. Just enough to make it worth my while doing. If you are looking for a presence on the web and think I might be able to help then feel free to email me at matthewlaw1968@yahoo.co.uk

You may wish to look at some of the sites I have designed and currently maintain:

Woking RSPCA Branch

Chelsea Disabled Supporters' Association

Happy Accidents

Wheelchair Friendly Holiday